Grow With Me Pants and baby/pet accessories for all your babies

Welcome to Coco Creek Designs! 
After having my fourth child, I decided I wanted to save money and help the Earth by using cloth diapers. However, I quickly realized that the clothing carried in the store does not give our cloth diapered babes the extra room they need, and even found them a bit bulgy with disposables we used occasionally. So, I decided to try making these cloth diapered pants, that had the bonus feature of growing with my child! I made my first pair, and loved them, tried them on my child, and loved them even more!! From then on, my passion for sewing, and shopping for cute fabrics, began! And since I was using cloth diapers, I quickly realized how convenient cloth diaper liners made from fleece can be. They also work so much better and cost a whole lot less than the disposable liners that can be purchased. Plus, they helped keep my baby's bottom from turning red and raw. 

Whether you like saving money, want to help save the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, want to keep your childs' legs warm while babywearing, want clothes that fit for your short  or tall baby, these grow with me pants will be your lifesaver! Available in 3 sizes, they will fit your child from birth to about age 3!! And they are available in solids and prints.

In addition to our grow with me pants and cloth diaper liners, we have also expanded our line to include other baby/childrens' accessories, like bandana bibs, pacifier clips, baby hats, scrunchies, and other random items that pop up occasionally for fun. We also offer kids and adult heating pads. Kids heating pads have washable removable covers, and adult heating pads are perfect for resting along your neck. 

And not to leave out your fur babies, we also offer themed reversible pet bandanas. These bandanas come in 4 sizes and have 2 fabric choices so you can change which side your pet will be showing off. The bandanas slide over the collar so that they can't fall off, or get tugged off! 

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